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Executive Coaching & Development

Executive coaching is an individual, customized process designed to address your particular challenges and strengths. Along the way you'll learn new processes for dealing with issues, and you'll learn a lot about yourself and your unique needs at the individual level. Your privacy is taken seriously, so anything discussed will stay between us and you.

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Results You Can Count On

MercerWorks LLC has had great success determining what individuals need and how to help them meet their goals. Each of us needs to learn to be authentic with ourselves, and about what we are after. Everyone wants and deserves to be paid attention to, and we'll help you get the positive attention you need to meet your goals through our executive development process.

Previous Executive Coaching Experience

John Mercer has provided executive coaching for more than two decades. He's worked with MercerWorks LLC since 1997, and with Alafia Foundation as the Executive Director from January of 2012 to August of 2015.