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Build your business and its bottom line with experience support from MercerWorksLLC. Here, we offer business consulting solutions to companies around the world, helping to improve leaders and executives and how they work with and manage their teams. From informative leadership consulting to extensive executive coaching, we can help you promote positive feedback and achieve success at every level of your business. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions.

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About John Mercer

Owner and founder John Mercer is a professional educator and leadership coach dedicated to helping other professionals accomplish their goals. He worked in technical education and held executive positions in educational fields. During his time, he found he provided a lot of coaching to those he worked with and found he was effective at helping others improve their own effectiveness in work. Since our founding in 1997, he's helped engineering and accounting professionals, as well as scientists, clergy, artists, musicians and lyricists, actors, and even a Fortune 500 executive develop and achieve their career goals. He has also worked with small businesses, software firms, and more to deliver business consulting and help improve bottom lines. If you're looking to work more effectively and manage your team better, he can help you so long as you're fully invested in the process and willing to do the work.

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